privacy policy:

 1 .General provisions

 This privacy policy shall regulate the underlying principles and procedures by which the owner of the website and administrator LLC “T&S mobile” maintain and protect data on the website visitors, customers and users.Data collection and maintenance shall be defined by this privacy policy, Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legal acts regulating such data collection.

2. Registration

The website registration form shall provide information about a contracting person (name, surname, personal code, email, etc.) or enterprise (name, enterprise code, VAT payer’s code, registration address). If inaccurate or invalid data are provided for registration, the website administrator or owner shall have the right to cancel the account or any operations performed in relation with such account deem illegal and void. Performing the organizer’s operation in the vehicles auction, LLC “T&S mobile” shall receive information about the number of visits made by users (visitors and customers) on the website, winnings in the auctions, orders submitted or vehicles procurement agreements made and the information obtained shall be collected and used for legal purposes only as stipulated by Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data, in particular:

*          produce and disseminate e-news releases;

*          make agreements and orders;

*          complete VAT invoices;

*          produce pertinent documents in relation with auctions on the website.

The collected data shall be kept and maintained as to protect them from illegal destruction, revelation and other unauthorized acts.

3. Cookies:

We shall use cookies seeking to identify your usage habits on our website (e.g., site language selection). Our goal – personalize the provided services according to your interests to the largest possible extent. The cookie means a small amount of information sent to your hard disk by our server enabling our website to memorize you.

Tools like Google Analytics and the others are used to track, collect and analyze statistics. With the help of these tools and website cookies data, we collect all the information we need that help us to monitor and analyze the website’s load data, after that we can decide on how to speed up our website for You and make the system more convenient to use.

Upon request, you can always reject the use of cookies before using our site, but we must note that then you will not be able to use some of our services such as participation in auctions.

 4. Personal data maintenance

By registering on the website, the person shall agree that the data submitted to the website owner or administrator on his/her free will to be maintained in line with this privacy policy.

You shall bear responsibility for security of your password and user’s data. You shall not reveal the password to the third parties under any circumstances.

5.Personal data revelation to the third parties

The owner of the website and administrator LLC “T&S mobile” shall make the obligation not to provide the third parties with any information relating to the personal or enterprise data without a visitor or customer’s consent in writing, except cases defined in the law.

6. Alteration in privacy policy

LLC “T&S mobile” shall retain the right to alter this privacy policy, limit or completely deny access to without a prior notice.

7. References to the websites of the third parties:

Our website shall contain references to other websites. We shall not accept responsibility for privacy policy on the websites of the third parties.