1. Open ascending auction

Participants bid against one another, with each subsequent bid required to be higher than the previous one. The minimum lifting stage is 100 EUR. You can not cancel your bid in an open ascending auction. If the participant makes an offer within a minute until auction ends, the “Hotbid” phase begins. “Hotbid” phase lasts 30 seconds. If the participant submits a bid during this time, the “Hotbid” phase begins again. Only at the end of the “Hotbid” phase, auction is completed. Then the submitter of the highest bid in the auction receives confirmation about his achievement. The highest bid is proposed for a seller for his consideration. After seller‘s confirmation that the vehicle is being sold, the buyer is informed again.

2. “Buy now” auction.

This type of auction enables buyers to purchase the car immediately at a fixed price. Upon confirmation from the seller that the vehicle is being sold, the buyer is informed.

3. Sealed-bid auction

In this type of auction all bidders simultaneously submit sealed bids so that no bidder knows the bid of any other participant. Untill the end of auction you may change you offer as many times as you want. The highest bid is proposed for a seller for his consideration.

4. Open ascending auction with “Buy now” feature.

Additional feature to purchase the car immediately at a fixed price, as opposed to using the bidding process. Upon confirmation from the seller, the buyer is informed by email.

Damaged cars and cars with technical defects

The vehicle can be damaged. What’s damaged you just can see on the photo.
Vehicles with technical defects.
You can find defect information under the link “Information”. Before buying such vehicle we recommend to examine the damage report and comments very well, for more information you can contact our support department. After the end of the auction claims will not be considered.

At the end of the auction

At the end of the auction, if you bid the highest price and you have won the auction – you’ll be informed of this by e-mail. Also, you will be able to see this information on our website. The first letter will confirm that you have won the auction. The second email will be sent during the next 24 hours. You will get the information if the seller has agreed to sell the car for your price. The seller may refuse to sell a vehicle without giving a reason. In most cases the reason is stated. If the seller has agreed to sell the car, you will get a purchase form which includes a bank account, the price of a vehicle and other services.


Invoice must be paid within 5 days from the date of the receipt. The amount of money must be paid into the bank account or paid in cash. After payment all the rights of the vehicle goes to the winner.

Vehicle pick-up/delivery

Vehicle must be taken within 25 work days from the date of purchase order. You can take back the vehicle by your own transport or order transport services. We reserve the right to charge delayed recall of 1 € per day late fee. Under the agreement, we can make delivery to the desired location for an extra fee.


Registration is free. Users of the site will see the contents, but only registered users will be able to use the site services. When registering you must provide the correct data. After registration you will recieve confirmation email. Wrongly filled or incomplete forms will be deleted under administrator’s decision.

Participation in the auction

  • Individuals can participate and make offers in the auctions after signing contract and provide passport copy
  • Companies need to stamp and sign contract and submit company’s registration certificates’ copies to participate and make offers in the auctions.

Vehicle auctions

Vehicle auctions are from west europe. Our site is responsible for information about the vehicle.We are responsible for the presentation of all the necessary information about the vehicle. Defects can be found in the photos or the description.

Margin cars

Margin cars – are cars which price is allready indicated with VAT. When You are buying a car in auction with a note “Margin: Yes”, it means that You will automatically be charged VAT and you will not need to pay extra for it.

For example: You make a bet or buy a fixed price auction car Audi A4, which costs EUR 4,000, at the end you will receive an invoice for a car price of EUR 4,000. Remember, this is only valid for margin vehicles, all other cars are sold without VAT!