Lithuanian drivers more often use video recorder, and they can store recorded videos online. However, publicizing such videos should be harmful.

As a radio station, “Free wave”, said the State Data Protection Inspectorate, deputy director of Diyala ŠINKŪNIENĖ video recorders capture data promotion can be seen as a violation of personal rights.

“The video recorder recorded data can be regarded as a breach of human rights, but a lot depends on the situation. If such data are used by police officers in order to clarify the circumstances of the accident, then it’s okay. Meanwhile, publicizing such data on the internet can be a problem, because there is no specific objective of such data public. In another case, if there is any video recorder capture the person’s consent. Then, in promoting the video should not cause problems, “- said Mr Šinkūnienė.

“However, it specifically stated that such online video store is a human rights violation can not, because like I said, each situation is different. However, the presumption is that in many cases it is a violation of human rights “- the idea taught specialist.

According to her, if the video was recorded at the same person, and the car or the car license plate numbers, it is also personal data and publicity without the person’s consent can be seen as a human rights violation. D. ŠINKŪNIENĖ, such a person may apply to the court and it is likely that its interests will be protected, but the first step to be taken – to try to reach an agreement with the record spreads at a person.

“If you notice that your image with some video is placed on the website should contact the site administrator with requests to remove the video, stating that he had been placed without your permission. Next all depend on what kind of website and what the situation. But like I said, the publicity of such records is a very wide field of personal rights violations “, – said D. Šinkūnienė.

According spesialistės, the current State Data Protection Inspectorate aims, video recorders collect data for regulation. “At this time, the driver will be installing video recorders in your vehicle, the collected data are treated as data collected for personal use. However, if the video recorder is installed in a vehicle owned by the company, the company will become the manager of the data collected in this case, the person has to apply to the legal data protection provisions of the law. As we can see the situation is quite similar, and their regulation differ. We would like all users to video recorders to a uniform set of rules. In order to manage the use of such data should clearly regulate what video recorders to capture data can be used. It should also be pointed out that they would not be made ​​public, “- said Mr Šinkūnienė.

Data protection specialist advice to abstain from video recorders capture data publication on the Internet. “Of course, it is possible to cover the car’s license plates, but there are other details that may be issued an identity card. Therefore, I would suggest to refrain from such a video ad on the Internet, “- said Mr Šinkūnienė.

Warning video recorder users

Posted on 2014-10-15 19:55